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BTS San Francisco Skate Session

A few behind-the-scenes images from a sunny afternoon spent skating the hills of San Francisco with our pals Ben Roy and Tyler Johnson of GoPro.

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Into Dust – A Ballet Short

Over a year ago I was poking around forgotten parts of San Francisco, CA on foot. I ended up in the Dogpatch, a neighborhood that has swiftly gentrified over the past few years, but still has a handful of turn-of-the-century machine shops in various states of disrepair. To call these “shops” actually diminishes their grandeur. These are brick and steel cathedrals of an industrial era. They’re full of texture, grit, and diffused light pouring through huge dusty windows – the stuff of dreams for those of us that live behind the lens. At least for now, until they turn into high-rent condos. Even more reason to preserve them in a visual story.

I wanted to bring professional ballet dancers into this environment to create an art piece with plenty of contrast – elegant lines set against a harsh backdrop. We imagined that this was a place our dancers would discover. It would be their secret practice space…an awe-inspiring world free from distraction and judgement.

We were incredibly fortunate to have Dores Andre and Courtney Henry to collaborate with. They’re the ultimate professionals, game for anything (including a good dose of corn starch), and brought a level of artistry that left us thinking they might just be rock stars. Hence the music. We parted ways with hours of great footage and a vision fulfilled.

– Andrew Klein, founder


– Dores Andre (principal, SF Ballet)

– Courtney Henry (Alonzo King LINES Ballet)

Klein & Corazón team:

– Creative director/producer: Andrew Klein

– Cinematographer/editor: Ronn Seidenglanz

– Photographer/art director: Tanya Pavlis

Special thanks to DJ Schmolli for the mashup track! “Rock of Ages (2012)” djschmolli.com/

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How to find a gem: get out and look

One of the rare and beautiful things about owning a film & photography collective is that the best parts of life – creativity and passion – naturally intersect with work. Frankly, they have to if our work is to captivate an audience. For the artists at Klein & Corazón, venturing out into new landscapes and locations is what allows us to dream. Not surprisingly, these journeys become fodder for future projects.

A year ago on a day trip, San Francisco revealed to us a hulking relic from the industrial era – a giant, empty machine shop with a century’s worth of corrosion and dust. We put that place in our memory bank, and months later came back to create one of our favorite pieces to date. Check out a few behind-the-scenes photos from Klein & Corazón contributing photographers Ronn Seidenglanz and Tanya Pavlis, and look forward to the release of our short dance film, “Into Dust.”

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We Run as One

Our latest promo video for the Impala Racing Team is now up and running (see what we did there?)! Founded in 1979, The Impala Racing Team is an all-women’s elite development racing team based in San Francisco, California. Since the event’s inception, Impalas have appeared in every U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. The team consists of over 100 individuals of all ages, but they run as one.

Thanks to our athletes, Michelle Meyer, Allison Howard, and Kelly Garton!

And special thanks Gramatik for use of your track, “Illusion of Choice”! itunes.apple.com/us/album/illusion-of-choice/id977866430…

Producer: Andrew Klein
Director & Editor: Ronn Seidenglanz
Photographer: Tanya Pavlis
Production Assistant: Tyler Williams

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They say blood is thicker than water. In our case, it was water that brought blood together. We’re privileged to call professional waterman, Miah Klein, family. We’re even more privileged to have him share his surf and lifestyle photography with us. Miah is a staff photographer for Surfline, a Vissla creator, and a tremendous contributor to our lineup of talented visual storytellers. Despite his close encounters with some of the world’s most aggressive waves, Miah is all class: humble, compassionate, and an easy spirit. Check out his portfolio feature from Surfline here, and look for more Miah x Klein & Corazón collaborations to come, both in and out of the water!

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